Luxurious Honeymoon in Goa

2 Days & 1 Nights

Adventure Beach Romantic

Package Summary


Meal Transfer Hotel

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Day 1 Arrival in Goa (North) City: North Goa
Luxurious Honeymoon in Goa

Upon your arrival at Goa airport/ railway station, our tour representative assists you in smooth transfer to the hotel for a pre-booked stay. Get picked up a comfortable vehicle and gear up to spend a memorable evening on the Cruise in Mandovi River Make your evening memorable as you dance to popular retro songs & trending Bollywood tracks played by DJ, Spend a memorable evening with exquisite dining & cruising experience while sailing over the glistening Mandovi River.View the vistas of Panjim's lovely cityscape and floating casinos while savouring delectable cruise meals. Engage in the many enjoyable games available on the cruise and have a blast with your loved one. Overnight stay (Sharing basis).

Meal Plan

Breakfast Only

Day 2 Bagdogra – Gangtok (3 Nights) City: Delhi
Luxurious Honeymoon in Goa

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